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Bird Watching in Your Back Yard

Birds, like all creatures, need some basic things. Food, water, shelter and, as a prey creature, protection from being dinner. There’s a huge variety of bird feeders and other accessories for your yard. Planting shrubbery to give birds cover helps … Continue reading

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Tips for Pruning Rose Bushes

Knowing when to prune can make for healthier rose bushes and sometimes more roses. Roses grow larger blooms when properly pruned and cared for. Use good, sharp pruning shears that make clean cuts as ragged edges can leave openings for … Continue reading

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Dress Up the Garden With Functional Trellises

The use of trellises in gardens can add both decoration and function. Depending on the material used, they can offer contrast or accents. They can vary somewhat from the trellis to train-climbing roses on to a wedding trellis for staging … Continue reading

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Please Eat the Flowers

Many people pass on flower gardens as being purely decorative. “We need to make use of space!” As food costs climb, this is an understandable factor. Plan ahead and with a little research there is no reason your flower garden … Continue reading

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Create a Memorial Garden

A memorial flower bed is often a great way to create a peaceful tribute to someone we’ve lost. Whether from illness, age or sudden accident – whether we “knew it was coming” or it was unexpected, the situations may vary … Continue reading

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