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Please Eat the Flowers

Many people pass on flower gardens as being purely decorative. “We need to make use of space!” As food costs climb, this is an understandable factor. Plan ahead and with a little research there is no reason your flower garden … Continue reading

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How Much Raised Bed Do You Need?

Raised beds can be a great way to make the most of poor drainage spots, as well as other imperfect areas. What you want to grow can determine how much area you need. For example, tomatoes and corn take up … Continue reading

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Starting Spring Tomato Seeds

We love tomatoes at SlowMoneyFarm. One of the cornerstones here is, as much as possible, using heirloom varieties and breeds, and tomatoes are no exception. To do that we often have to start our own plants. There are many reasons … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Save Money On Spring Plants

Who doesn’t like saving money? If you’re starting from scratch, the idea of putting in a garden can be – and get – overwhelming. How many people dig up a 30 x 40 foot area then plant and a month … Continue reading

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Occupy Our Food Supply Action Day

Today there is a social media buzz over “Occupy Our Food Supply.” It is designed to rail against corporations that some think have a stranglehold on the food supply. Indeed consolidation has been happening for decades. Now many of us … Continue reading

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Gearing up for a new Year

There are many places now doing raised beds commercially. Some in our target areas have undercut our price, and certainly competition is good. We prefer to seek value rather than price alone. An extra $20 now saves $200 later – … Continue reading

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Composting Manure

As a part of our micro farm operation, composting is a valued part of the process. Last winter we received some shredded bark, heavy in pine, from some tree trimmers who needed a place to get rid of it. At … Continue reading

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