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Create a Back Yard Paradise

The advantages to having a back yard are many. There’s room for pets and children. There’s privacy and a place to entertain guests. There’s a place to just escape and “get away from the world.” As expenses increase these factors … Continue reading

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Bird Watching in Your Back Yard

Birds, like all creatures, need some basic things. Food, water, shelter and, as a prey creature, protection from being dinner. There’s a huge variety of bird feeders and other accessories for your yard. Planting shrubbery to give birds cover helps … Continue reading

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Tips for Pruning Rose Bushes

Knowing when to prune can make for healthier rose bushes and sometimes more roses. Roses grow larger blooms when properly pruned and cared for. Use good, sharp pruning shears that make clean cuts as ragged edges can leave openings for … Continue reading

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Dress Up the Garden With Functional Trellises

The use of trellises in gardens can add both decoration and function. Depending on the material used, they can offer contrast or accents. They can vary somewhat from the trellis to train-climbing roses on to a wedding trellis for staging … Continue reading

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Creative, Low Cost Yard Projects

We wanted a small pond in the yard – but like many priced them and dismissed being able to actually have one. Then a free tub came our way…and a pile of concrete blocks that were broken and deemed worthless. … Continue reading

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Starting Spring Tomato Seeds

We love tomatoes at SlowMoneyFarm. One of the cornerstones here is, as much as possible, using heirloom varieties and breeds, and tomatoes are no exception. To do that we often have to start our own plants. There are many reasons … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Save Money On Spring Plants

Who doesn’t like saving money? If you’re starting from scratch, the idea of putting in a garden can be – and get – overwhelming. How many people dig up a 30 x 40 foot area then plant and a month … Continue reading

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