Dress Up the Garden With Functional Trellises

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe use of trellises in gardens can add both decoration and function. Depending on the material used, they can offer contrast or accents. They can vary somewhat from the trellis to train-climbing roses on to a wedding trellis for staging wedding photography.

A garden trellis might frame in the edge of a garden area and give vines a place to grow up instead of out. A garden accent can also be created with use of a trellis that forms a corner of the yard, with flowers or other plants put in front of it. A standard garden trellis might be up to seven feet high and four feet or more across. While there are many custom-made trellis designs available, one possibility is putting two posts in the ground so that a standard 4 feet by 8 feet panel of lattice fits between them. These can be an inexpensive way to block a view when the plants grow up as well as creating shade.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother accent might be a tomato trellis on the side of a patio area, where tomatoes are planted in front of it and then tied to the trellis instead of being staked. If it is on the patio itself, placing a planter or planter box in front of it makes use of space to grow plants as well as food.The cage on the left is shown on the off season, but during the summer it supports tomatoes and is covered (below).

In areas suited for grapes, a grape trellis can be a great way to add decorative area to the edge of a deck or even landscaping’ around a home. A bonus is having a small but productive area for food. In larger areas, the trellis is simply wires stretched between posts, allowing the grapes a means of growing support on those wires.

Trellis designs can vary from a flat panel type trellis to a fan both with and without a planter in front of it. Also popular are the full arbor type structures with trellis up the side, allowing for plants to grow up and over an arched walkway.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATrellis construction can vary from ordinary wood to vinyl and iron. A vinyl trellis can be easy to clean with minimal damage with a high pressure washer once per year and occasionally with the hose in between times. Iron trellis is also a good option with the ability to be painted, needing little maintenance and black iron gives a classic look to many situations.

Deciding where you want a trellis in relation the home can dictate style of the trellis as well as use of it to some degree. Close attention to detail can mean having a trellis that is a decorative and functional part of the home outdoor area.

Be creative. It doesn’t have to break the budget either!


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