Find Landscaping That Fits You and Your Home

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALandscaping should accent the home with a pleasing look. There are a host of ways to landscape, from a rock garden with a fountain to edible landscaping that is decorative as well as productive. There is lighting considerations as well as the landscape design itself.

Landscape designs often offer trees, shrubs, smaller plants which could be herbs or flowers and a focal point. This might be a decorated corner of the yard with a seasonal decor, or a fountain or birdbath with feeders nearby. The costs can vary from a few hundred for the frugal person that recycles others unwanted items and does the work themselves to thousands of dollars for a team hired in. Professionals can advise to the adult height of the plants and things to consider that perhaps you haven’t thought of. A good landscape design software program will have this information too and can often give a sketch type view or with some programs, a 3D view.

Landscaping_in_sandWhether you use a professional or a landscape design program, consider carefully the amount of work and expense not only bringing the design to life but also maintaining that including trimming and mulching. A good landscape design plan, done to scale, can save you the headaches of having a hole for a tree ten feet too close to the house because it looked “about right.” Make sure your spacing is right to account for the grown trees and bushes, not just the small ones you’re planting!

For the person creating a do-it-yourself landscape design, check and double check the plants. Consider things like fall leaves, mowing around the landscape, weed prevention and watering. If you have a network of landscaping in front be sure to consider access to a faucet and if water needs to be piped near enough for soaker hoses or other low visibility solutions to summer watering. If you are looking at edible landscaping – leave enough room to get all the way around those fruit or nut trees to be able to get the bounty harvested.

Still others may look towards landscaping that does multiple things, such as an herb garden that doubles as a sitting area for an afternoon reading outside on a warm day. The herbs may be a mix of containers and in the ground, scented and edible. Other than occasional weeding and mulching herbs are perhaps the ultimate in self reliant landscaping.

Don’t forget lighting. Proper planning for the landscape lighting design should dovetail in with the plants, rocks, water and other decorative elements. For the energy aware, a plan for low-voltage landscape lighting design can offer spot lighting that accent a landscape rather than dominate it. Modern options also include solar lighting for areas that get enough sun to charge the lights. If you have an area that regularly gets 8-10 hours of sun and just want an accent lighting there, these solar lights can be a good alternative to running electric to the front. It eliminates digging holes as well as overhead wires.Remember that many plants need the dark also – too much light can actually be bad for them.

Look thoroughly at several options and see what landscape design best fits your ideas, your personality and the look of the home. Consider the full design to best accent the home and improve the look of the big picture. The results are worth it! Enjoy your home both inside and out.


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